What is old is new – real networking via cold calling

I’ve been thinking about how we are going to go about building our “digital community network”. I’m an online-high-tech guy, so I’ve been tracking online marketing techniques for years….

… but…

over these past several years, I’ve started to read and learn about SALES… a skill and subject area that I had avoided for the same reason so many people do…

.. that somehow sales is “unethical” and “icky” and other not nice things (like politics, a topic for another day).

It is important that Digital Media Wire succeed – find a path to success.

So, no short cuts, no quick fixes, no schemes.

I want to do this right.

This is a long game. We have a big, long term vision – “Unify and Serve the Disability Community” is not a little project.

Online, two of the strategies that make the most sense are “List building” (building a list of customers – and and audience in our case) and SEO (organic traffic to our online sites).

The business term that bootstrapped companies talk about is building “flywheels” – systems for growth that continually feed themselves.

Coincidentally, I read this great post on link-building from Branden Hufford at SEO for the Rest of Us – “The Only Link Building Strategy You’ll Ever Need: “Dream” Link Building“.

The crux of his strategy – human network building via cold calls…

  1. Get on the phone.
  2. Give real value.
  3. Repeat… and GET STARTED.

Which, is essentially the same advice as the guy who has “taught” me sales, Anthony Iannarino.

Goal to get started.

One prospecting call a day. Five days a week.

I’ve just got to get the home page for this site done…

    Steven Davis