Social Media Homesteader Strategy – 1

It is impossible to be active on every social media platform.

BUT… if you can, it makes sense to “Claim your home” page or account on as many sites as practical (barring problematic effects on your reputation due to… their reputation).

  1. Review and select the platforms that you consider important.
  2. Set up a basic account that is complete but steers individuals to your actual web sites or communities where you are active.
  3. Keep reasonably up-to-date and secure.

For the social media platforms that you choose to be active on, be strategic, but personable. Consider it a long term investment.

  1. Be positive and supportive.
  2. Connect and share.
  3. Periodically link back to your controlled platforms where you can develop your “push audience” and “pull audience” platforms.

Follow the “Washington Post Rule”.

    Steven Davis