More Communication, Less (Marketing) Automation

I watched this video from Andrew Davis:

And have listened and watched Val Geisler

It kind of connected with some things I’ve been thinking about… moving to really aggressive (not annoying aggressive, but making-things-really-easy aggressive) communications. Super personal until I absolutely HAVE to automate.

So, I’m using Contact Form 7 (a very basic contact form) on every page with a unique form to … see what I can do to serve my audience.

It will shoot me an email and I’ll write a totally unique reply… which hopefully will help me provide better material to serve my readers/listeners.

I can improve the pages and the forms for each page and improve my responses… as I get input from readers… and if no one shows up… there isn’t much point to building a fancy autoresponder sequence.

Intentional marketing-non-automation.

We’ll see how it goes (and I need to build one for this page!)

    Steven Davis