How do you design a business to be “default accessible”?

If you want to be available for the people you want to serve, what does it take? How far should you go?

What is frustrating is … no one wants to help.

… not true, you can hire people to help of course (another item to find or create).

But, very few things are really accessible, by default, out of the box.

And they don’t really make it easy.

For me, this is a familiar problem.

I’ve worked in computer security for almost 35 years and we face the same problem.

Nothing is “default secure”.

(and we’ve all lived with the negative consequences of things NOT being “default secure”).

You have to work to make things secure.

It is tricky.

It costs money.

… and if it isn’t “turned on” by default….

… most people don’t bother.

Defaults matter.

    Steven Davis