Resources for Disabled Creators

We want to help disabled creators (writers, artists, photographers, etc.) and creators who are passionate about disability to be more successful.

.. and we need you, your ideas, and your suggestions to do it.

We have some ideas:

Directory of creative professionals - with links to your web sites, and contact information.

Catalog or Directory of creative work - articles, blog posts, newsletters, books, photographs, comics, art...

... we've started working on a "Disability Podcast" directory... but, what else?

But, we need your input (and interest)

What do you need or want? A community? A newsletter?

If we get enough interest from you, we'll get started faster... and, of course, your ideas will help shape what we make.

Resources for you

Resources to help you. We'll keep posting more here as we find them. Contact us or use the form below.

Disabled Writers

Disability Arts Online


VSA Playwright Discovery Program Competitions

Awesome Disability (grants)

Disability Visibility Project - Podcast Episode 57- Disabled Writers

Disability Visibility Project

Kaleidoscope Magazine

Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Breath & Shadow

The Mighty

Invisible Disability Project

The Deaf Poets Society


The Unwritten

Photo montage of disabled creatives. A young woman painting with her feet. An older Asian man painting with no arms. A young man with a guitar and wheelchair. A young man at a piano. A young girl drawing.

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