Beginning to build a Digital Community Network

The problem… there are 20, 40, 60? million disabled people, their families, friends, and allies in the US… and many millions (hundreds of milllions?) more around the world.

BUT, they / we are divided by country, disability, and divisions within each disability plus, the inherent isolation that people with disabilities face.

Our approach – build a Digital Community Network.

Nice name, what is it?

What is a Digital Community Network?

Our plan – create a set of media “properties” and assets that provide real value to the disability community itself and to those who want to reach the disability community (businesses, politicians, not-for-profits, activists, whomever).

Our core, initial product is an association – a literal network – the Disabilities United Association. To connect people, businesses, organizations…like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) or the American Automotive Association (AAA).

The problem that we face… it is a classic chicken and egg – the network is more valuable, the bigger it is… and not particularly valuable to start.

The first unifying service, is our newsletter (target delivery – weekly on Monday morning – 7AM Pacific Time).

How are we going to get around the “chicken and egg” problem?

Lots of personal contacts to pretty much everyone we know and then cold calling businesses… and a bit of social media to start.

We’re going to do what we have to do.

We’re going to do this in public. Perhaps we’ll give you ideas. Perhaps we’ll spur someone else to do this better. Perhaps we’ll just entertain you a bit with our efforts.


    Steven Davis