Accessibility Statement

Disability Media Wire is committed to being accessible for all visitors of our website. This accessibility statement outlines this commitment.

Our initial aim is to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, level AA criteria. AA compliance is a good guideline for a generally accessible experience but might not prevent all issues. That is why we consider WCAG compliance a guide and not the end-goal.

How we work towards an accessible site

To make our site as accessible as we can aside from the guidelines, we:

  • we are designing “mobile first”… as most of our viewers are on phones… that being said, we want everyone to have a great experience
  • optimize our site to make it perform really well for everyone, be super useful, and, hopefully fun.
  • make and keep the structure of our site simple and easy to navigate.
  • use clear and respectful language in our content, and make sure our contributors to do the same.
  • require contributors to provide accessible content, such as images with alternative text and video with captions.
  • work with sites we link to and partner with to do the same.
  • regularly run checks to test for accessibility issues with existing content and new features.
  • make sure our site and features do not interfere with, or break on, the use of assistive technologies.
  • provide an accessibility statement and ways to contact us for accessibility issues.

The technologies we use

Disability Media Wire is presented to our visitor using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript versions with wide browser support. While our content should be accessible in full to visitors with CSS and / or JavaScript disabled, some additional features may not work. For the best experience we do recommend enabling both CSS and JavaScript.

Known accessibility issues and planned improvements

  • Theme bugs
  • WordPress funkiness

Help us be more accessible

Should you find an accessibility-related problem on our site, please let us know. We take these access issues seriously and will attempt to address these as soon as possible.

For this purpose you can contact our webmaster on Twitter or send an e-mail.

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Thank you to Courtney Craven of Can I Play That? and Marijn – ActiveB1t who created the original version of this document… any faults or errors are my responsibility.