Will you help serve and unify the Disability Community?

Imagine a different world for disabled adults and kids with disabilities:

  • Default accessible - where businesses, products, schools, government, everything is designed and built from Day One to be accessible to everyone.
  • Expansively inclusive -  where EVERYONE is welcomed to work, buy, lead, organize, teach, learn... every form of participation regardless of ability or status - all abilities, all disabilities.
  • Deliberately democratic - where we are all engaged in our community, working together to make things better for everyone. This is a journey to better, not a destination.

We need you to help serve and unify the disability community. We're building a platform to help you make this future a reality....more

We'd like you to join us on this journey

and help us make our world:
  • Default Accessible
  • Expansively Inclusive
  • Deliberately Democratic